Mold Removal

Mold Removal

In the 1930s, mold was identified as the cause behind the mysterious deaths of farm animals in Russia and other countries. Stachybotrys chartarum was found growing on wet grain used for animal feed. In the 1970s, building construction techniques changed in response to the energy crises. As a result, homes and buildings became more air-tight. Also, cheaper materials such as drywall came into common use. This combination of increased moisture and suitable substrates contributed to increased mold growth inside buildings*.

We at Cardinal Environmental Operations, begin our evaluation with an on-site investigation of the property. Interviews are conducted with the occupants and visual assessments are made to determine the source of the problem. The environment is then tested as necessary to determine the course action needed.

With insurance companies tendencies to limit and/or eliminate coverage on commercial buildings, along with the media frenzy regarding “toxic mold” the industry of mold remediation into one of the hottest services in the environmental contracting business.

Cardinal Environmental Operations prescribes to “state of the art” remediation techniques and has the knowledge, experience and capabilities to properly contain and remove all types of mold, along with the ability to replace new building finishes and correct the source of moisture intrusion that caused the problem.

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