Hazardous Materials

Hazmat Demolition and Dismantling and Disposal

hazardous wasteWhen it comes to Hazardous Material Demolition and Disposal, Expertise is of the utmost importance. The Clean Air and Water Act of 1972 and the amendment in 1977 established the structure for regulating hazardous material and disposal in the United States. Stiff penalties were set for those who improperly handling and disposal of Hazardous Materials.

These rule and regulations require that you hire the BEST. Hiring a less than qualified firm can be a mistake that can cost many thousands of dollars in fines and penalties.

In Business since 1993 Cardinal Environmental Operations (CEO) is a Best in the Remediation business. We take the heavy load of Environmental Dismantling, Demolition and Disposal and provide a One-Stop, Cost Effective and Licensed solution.

We are a multi facetted, single-source solution and CEO eliminates the need for numerous expensive consultants, engineers, and contractors. Our expertise is in total remediation with Consulting, Reporting, Evaluation and Remediation and Disposal all available from the same firm.

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