Advisory & Consulting

Environmental Advisory and Consulting

Today Environmental Regulations have become a nightmare. There have been more than a dozen new statutes mandated by the Federal Government since the National Environmental; Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) and there are numerous state regulations which must also be keep in compliance.

These rules and regulations require that you hire the BEST. By hiring an expert like CEO, you minimize you exposure to what could be a very expensive mistake.

Being a multi facetted, single-source firm CEO brings you a one stop solution. Our full service approach eliminates the need for numerous expensive consultants, engineers, and contractors for all these services are provided by CEO. When it comes to the remediation process CEO offers Consulting, Reporting, Evaluation and Full Remediation and disposal.

We have a staff of Experts and have been providing remediation in the St. Louis market since 1993. You can be rest Assured by hiring CEO you have hired the BEST.

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