Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

air ductToday’s homes and offices are built too much tighter tolerances and standards than ever before and as a result the Indoor air quality (IAQ) is becoming and ever increasing health concern.

Recent findings have demonstrated that indoor air can sometimes be dirtier (i.e. more contaminated) than outside air and these pollutants and dust particles often collect in the air handing equipment duct work of your home or office building. In some cases the Duct systems of your heating and air conditioning units can be a major source of health issues if not cleaned of these contaminates.

Cardinal Environmental Operations CEO uses the latest techniques for removal of dust and contamination from the duct systems. This includes a HEPA filtration system with full encapsulation and protection from contaminates.

When you chose CEO you are assured that you are choosing the best in the industry with over 14 years of experience. CEO can analyze all your needs for removal of dust, debris, mold, hazardous chemicals or other contaminates. These investigations lead to a full understanding of the sources of the contaminants and a comprehensive solution to the correct strategies for containment and remediation.

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