Asbestos Remediation

Asbestos Remediation

asbestos Asbestos is the common name a fibrous silicate material that is resistant to acid and fire. The product has been in commercial use in applications such as thermal insulation, fire proofing, electrical insulation, brake linings, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, and many other industrial and consumer applications since the mid 1800’s.

In 1924 a woman who had been working with asbestos since she was thirteen died at the early age of thirty-three, and an English doctor determined that the cause of death was caused from the prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers called the disease "asbestosis".

In the United States, asbestos became popular in the early 1900s and its use peaked from WWII into the 1970s. While use of asbestos has not been banned by legislation, it is not commonly used by American manufacturers anymore due to health concerns and liability issues. During the late 1960s, with emerging evidence showing that asbestos fibers were a dangerous health risk, the federal government began to take action resulting in the industry of asbestos abatement.

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